Shaky Legs…

Today was my first morning of what I am hoping is dedicated gym visits and daily exercise/cardio as the first race is T-5 weeks away (oh boy…that makes me sweat just thinking about). Now that Lil Man is 8 weeks, I am able to drop him off at the gym day care and today I dropped all 3 kids off there (hallelujah).

I met my training partner, Aly there and had found what I thought was a good “start” for a training run.  It was intervals that started at 4.0mph on a 2% incline and went all the way up to 8.0mph and varied speeds and inclines.  It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t a killer either.  I’m not going to lie and say the 8.0 didn’t hit my legs and my lungs though ;).

It was really hard to keep my mind off what I was doing last year at this time as I was starting to struggle at the end of today’s run.  A year ago, right now, I was about 3 weeks away from running my half marathon and was easily averaging 7-something minute miles, even in my longer runs.  I know it isn’t fair to compare the two, but 6.0mph was my recovery speed and today it was my upper speed and I struggled towards the end. Tomorrow, I am going to do my best to forget about that and just run to get some stamina and strength back.

When I got off the treadmill, I thought to myself, “I feel pretty good,” but my legs were shaky. By about 2:00pm, the soreness had crept in and I could feel it in my entire lower body.  I also still had shaky legs.  Well, fast forward to 7:45pm and my legs are still spasm’ing and I am definitely stiff AND sore.  Although, I kind of like it.  It means my legs are getting a good workout again.

One of my friends at the pool recommended this website for treadmill workouts: Since I am going to be on the treadmill for most of my workouts due to the kids, I can’t wait to start working my way through these workouts.  Intervals are so much easier for me than straight runs.  With the straight runs, I get “shiny object syndrome,” and can’t concentrate and immediately start to think about how much running sucks.  Doesn’t bode well for my times 😉

I am also going to make myself a new workout playlist and will post here as soon as I’m done.  I will say my new favorite workout song is, “Some Nights,” by Fun…

Today’s workout: 2.65 miles
Time: 30 minutes (intervals ranged from 4.0mph to 8mph)…I’m not doing the minutes per hour because I know myself and won’t be happy with it


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  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere (and the workout regime). I too am attempting to get back on track after a year that involved an engagement, a wedding, moving, getting my house ready to sell then rent, a new job, and now getting Mike\’s house ready to sell… oh, and gaining about a million pounds. One of these days I\’ll figure it out…

    PS: whenever I heard the song \”Some Nights,\” all I can think about is that they should really do that for Current Jam. 🙂

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